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Jean-Jacques Perrey & Cosmic Pocket - Froots - digital
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Cosmic Pocket - Froots
Cosmic Pocket / Jean-Jacques Perrey

digital (digital download)

In Vitro invitro011
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avant garde / experimental.

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How often do you buy an album written by a 81 years old musician? France's Jean-Jacques Perrey, the european equivalent to Robert Moog or Raymond Scott is still kicking and raving. He might have been releasing albums before your parents had their first kiss, but this "Froot", co-written with In Vitro's Cosmic Pocket, is a crazy colorful ride into playful analog sounds, enough trickery to leave Aphex Twin far, far behind, and a lot of bubblegum sounds of the best kind. Imagine the aforementionned forefather going on a free, insane ride and you get an idea what this is about: exhilirating, very funny and totally fresh. Follow my advice and eat your froots.
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