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JK Flesh - Posthuman - 2x12"
JK Flesh - Posthuman
JK Flesh

2x12" (vinyl)

3BY3 3BY3009LP
File under
industrial / downtempo.

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It's finally there, the full length album by Justin Broadrick's JK Flesh alter-ego. Often hinted at, "Posthuman" is probably the heaviest and darkest material presented by Godflesh's frontman since the end of Techno Animal. Though it does include some (heavily distorted) guitars and a few vocals, it is a lot dirtier and grittier than anything heard in Jesu or Pale Sketcher, as well as considerably slower and less "metal" than Blood Of Heroes. 3By3 provided an accurate home for this massive work, which manages to tap both an old-school, industrial vibe and a rather forward-thinking, experimental approach. Very recommended.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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