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JK Flesh / Prurient - Worship Is The Cleansing Of The Imagination - 12"
JK Flesh / Prurient - Worship Is The Cleansing Of The Imagination
JK Flesh / Prurient

12" (vinyl)

Hydra Head HHH666-236
File under
industrial / ambient / dark.

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Following his impressive "Posthuman" debut album, Justin Broadrick comes here with more JK Flesh material, sharing this LP with the extremely prolific dark noise-maker Prurient. Both sides might be noisy, oppressive and somber, each artist has his particular way and taste. JK Flesh's material, though as far from regular dubstep as one could imagine, has this slow but driving, massive beat going on which one could trace back to Godflesh and Techno Animal, for a sound which is surprisingly harsher than Prurient's more drone-oriented, hypnotic material. Very solid on both side, this excellent record is however a cause for grief, as it is one of the very last albums to be released on the now sadly closing Hydra Head label.
Sorry for the relatively high price of this LP. We would have preferred to be able to sell it for a cheaper price, but sadly couldn't.

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