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Joaan - Splendor In The Grass / 115 State - 12"
Joaan - Splendor In The Grass / 115 State

12" (vinyl)

7even 7EVEN15
File under
dubstep & grime / techno.

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Though I know absolutely nothing about Joaan, this début record on the constantly unrerrated 7even imprint is something which I would strongly recommend. We're partly in known territory here: as the rest of this label's roster, Joaan is active somewhere along the thin border between dubstep sounds and dub techno sensibility. Where Joaan surprised me in with the rawness and subtle distortion of its sounds as well as the weights of its beats. The way with which Joaan combines the rather aerial and subtle 7even sound with heavier and harder sound is quite something, and makes of it one of my favorite releases on this label so far, alongside F's output,

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