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Joker / Terror Danjah / Illmana - Gully Goon Estate EP - 12"
Joker / Terror Danjah / Illmana - Gully Goon Estate EP
Joker / Terror Danjah / Illmana

12" (vinyl)

Hardrive Records HDR002
File under
8 bit / dubstep & grime.

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Terror Danjah knows who to work with to come up with some solid beats. He evens has the great idea of getting Joker out of the closet for the excellent title track of this EP, which mixes Mr Joker's super addictive 8 bit melodies with Terror Danjah's interesting beat work for a very tasty result. The guest on the B side is Illmana, who I hear from for the first time over here, and whose collaboration is quite nice as well, a lot more garage-y. All in all a very catchy and urban record which might be some of the most accessible Terror Danjah to date. Recommended.
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