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Kangding Ray - Solens Arc - CD
Kangding Ray - Solens Arc
Kangding Ray

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Raster Noton R-N 154
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electronica / experimental / techno.

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Excellent fourth album from Kangding Ray who, three years after "Or", takes the club aspect of his glitchy noise a step further, delivering with "Solens Arc" a combination of surprisingly straightforward techno tunes (which still fit well with what Raster Noton has been releasing in this genre) and analog, retro-esque sounding tunes (reminding in part of what Kuedo & alii did a few years ago, or of what Mobthrow has shown in "Unfolded"). Gritty but quite friendly, deep, dark at times but highly dynamic, this album is also a lot more varied than this paragraph could lead to believe. An excellent new full length.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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