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Katsunori Sawa - The Two Legs EP - 12"
Katsunori Sawa - The Two Legs EP
Katsunori Sawa

12" (vinyl)

Weevil Neighbourhood STAND
File under
downtempo / glitch / techno.

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Following the very nice (and I believe well received) "LR" 12" by Steven Porter, the Weevil Neighbourhood brings us this time a record (pressed onto solid white vinyl) by one of the members of this Japanese duo. The main sound is still dub-techno, but done this time with even more focus to the glitch, ambient and experimental side. There's no real steady beat here, and this is an record which you want to listen to at home, preferably loud and on a good sound system. As usual with Weevil, this release is quite limited (to 200 copies this time), and very recommended.
mp3 excerpts:

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