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Kid606 - Lost In The Game - CD
Kid606 - Lost In The Game


Tigerbeat6 Meow190
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electronica / downtempo / IDM.

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"I'm sick but I ain't dead". The title of Kid606's 2012 album might be a good summary of what a lot of people have been thinking about this artist in the recent years. If "Shout At The Döner" was a solid effort, many have been judging everything this once wonderboy has done post "Kill Sound Before Sounds Kill You". Good news, then: "Lost In The Game" doesn't try at all to emulate any dancefloor madness anymore, but focuses on something which Kid606 seems to be doing a lot better at the moment, mainly long, semi-accoustic, melancholic and trippy downtempo electronica. A lot closer to "PS I Love You" (but with a more accessible vibe)., it's finally a new Kid606 album behind which most (if not all) can stand. Congratulations.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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