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Kid606 - Pretty Girls Make Rave - CD
Kid606 - Pretty Girls Make Rave


Very Friendly / Tigerbeat6 vf032cd
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rave / techno.

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Kid606's back again, and with yet another surprise. After blowing the subwoofer on the noisy and broken "Kill the sound", and gone all soft on us with "Resilience", he's back on the dancefloor with the high-energy, techno-minded "Pretty Girls Make Rave". Full of thumping bass, 4/4 techno beats and analog sounds, Kid606 throws at everybody's face (or feet) his take at the current rave / analog revival. If you ask me, he does it better than Aphex Twin, and there is some solid bouncing around in store with this CD. A welcome and recommended come back to the beaty side of things.

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Klar, als Label bist du immer der Arsch.