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Kirdec - Killed By A Coconut - CD
Kirdec - Killed By A Coconut


Syrphe (Textolux) S003
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industrial / breakcore / rhythmic noise.

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He took his time, but Cedrik (known being the studio wizard who worked on the mastering of most of the Ad Noiseam releases) has finally delivered a full length album of his Kirdec side-project, his first solo album since Crno Klank's "Etat Des Lieux". In the vein of his first two records under this name, Cedrik unleashes extremely hard hitting, dry and fast stacatto beats, mixing a very good production with uncommonly percussive sounds and an intense dose of broken rhythms. Not a dark album, but definitely a hard, catchy, and dancefloor-friendly monster.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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