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Kloudbreak - Ghosts - digital
Kloudbreak - Ghosts

digital (digital download)

Drawn Recordings DR 005
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electronica / techno / pop.

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It's been about a year since we told you a lot of good things about Kloudbreak's "Elements" EP, and our opinion of this Bristol duo hasn't changed. "Ghosts" is a slowly creeping, uplifting but brooding gem, somewhere between pop vocals, dub atmospheres and crisp electronica soundscapes. Past this title track, we get three remixes, all giving their particular twist (a bit straighter, a bit more sliced up) to this marvelously seducive tune. Recommended.
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This 4 track EP also comes with a free, fifth track, which Kloudbreak have been giving away for free on their site. Note that this bonus track is an mp3, even if in the FLAC version of the EP.
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