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Komonazmuk & White Boi / Scanone - 2 Paths Of Rage - 12"
Komonazmuk & White Boi / Scanone - 2 Paths Of Rage
Komonazmuk / White Boi / Scanone

12" (vinyl)

Combat Recordings COMBAT 014
File under
dubstep & grime.

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The follow-up to "Anger" seems to be "Rage", according to Combat Recordings. Pretty much in the same vein as "2 Paths Of Rage", this other 12" sees Komonazmuk and White Boi co-write a heavy dubstep hit for the A side, while Scanone drops a very moody, oppressive and bassy B-side. Right in the vein of the rest of the Combat roster, between super dark electro and heavy, blackened dubstep, and tasty at that.
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I'm 24-year-old musician and spiritual healer from Finland