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Krumble - Autobahn / Bass Line Vision - digital
Krumble - Autobahn / Bass Line Vision

digital (digital download)

Death$ucker DSR34
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breakcore / drum'n'bass & jungle.

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Very nice (and highly anticipated) come back of Death$ucker with this dynamic and strangely addictive new 12" by the great Krumble. Combining a clear and playful IDM / Warp-ish array of pads and melodies with both breakcore and 8-bit rhythms, this French artist comes up here with tracks which are on the one hand quite fast and ADHD infused, but still quite accessible and not overly aggressive. Probably closer to what such a label as In Vitro has been doing than to Krumble's early Peace Off efforts, but also a record that fits well on Death$ucker and which I would strongly recommend.
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