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Kryptic Minds & Sleeper - Axis Shift / Solarized Formation - 12"
Kryptic Minds & Sleeper - Axis Shift / Solarized Formation
Kryptic Minds / Sleeper

12" (vinyl)

Osiris Music OSMUK033
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Kryptic Minds move away from their classic, spatial dubstep with this collaborative record and give birth, together with Chestplate's Sleeper, to a resolutely techno piece of wax. The sound is still quite sparse, very bassy, dry and somber (with even a hint of industrial sounding echoes here and there), but the tempo, structures and dance-moves have changed. Rather than towards house as so many other dubstep producers, this duo has made a clever choice and opted for a new genre which allows them to keep their dark undertones and feelings. Different, but very pleasant.

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