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Kuedo - Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space - 12"
Kuedo - Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space

12" (vinyl)

Planet Mu ZIQ321
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electronica / avant garde / 8 bit.

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Keeping the "Blade Runner", retro-futurist vibe, Jamie Vex'd offers here a companion release to his first Kuedo album, in the form of this rather long 3 track EP. The title track is a very strong one, which would definitely have felt at home on "Severant", in all its Vangelis-esque, highyl synthesized keys and retro beats. Following are two remixes, the first by Hyperdub's Laurel Halo, staying relatively close to the original, and the second by somebody called Claude Speeed, going for a much longer, "epic" (as much I as dislike this adjective) and very soundtracky reversion. Just like "Severant", we're dealing with relatively high-brow but delicious and charming material here. Recommended.
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