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Larva 108 - 99.09 Inside The Stones - CD
Larva 108 - 99.09 Inside The Stones
Larva 108


Greytone grey007
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industrial / ambient / dark.

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Interesting debut by this Italian act (who has nothing to do with Ad Noiseam's Larvae) on the Greytone label. Mostly ambient in its structures, made of noisy, low key drones, field recordings and long pads, "99:09" is something which goes down a lot more easily than you would expect from a resolutely dark, noise-oriented thing. The sound is focused on the low end, the melodies, when present, are in the foreground, and Larva seem to be more about building deep tracks than harassing the listener. It's all well done, and deserves to be checked out by fans of instrospective, calm industrial material.
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