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Larvae / Spyweirdos - How To Disintegrate / Seven Ways To Kill A Tree - 2 x 3" CD
Larvae / Spyweirdos - How To Disintegrate / Seven Ways To Kill A Tree
Larvae / Spyweirdos

2 x 3" CD (CD)

Creative Space (Abstractions) eco1
File under
electronica / downtempo / glitch / chill out.

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It's not secret that I think very highly of Larvae, Spyweirdos and the Athens-based Creative Space label. Therefore, no surprise here either: this magnificent double 3" CD ranks extremely high in the list of best things I have heard this year, and might very well be one of the most remembered item of 2007 for me. Coming as a DVD-sized double folded cardboard sleeve containing texts and photographies on heavy paper, this splendid oject also features 9 pristine calm, "chilly" tracks by both artist. Great music, great artwork, I couldn't recommend this more.
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go on to destroy the limits of music. peace