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Le Diktat & Kirdec - Mourir De Bonne Heure - CD
Le Diktat & Kirdec - Mourir De Bonne Heure
Kirdec / Le Diktat


Syrphe (Textolux) S014
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industrial / downtempo.

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Taking a pause from his more abrasive and experimental material, C-Drik pairs up with France's Le Diktat for a CD which also contrasts greatly with the faster and more club-oriented new Axiome album. "To Die Early" also means to go back a decade in time and pay a strong homage to the whole illbient, downtempo scene back then spearheaded by Scorn, Bill Laswell or Spectre. Back when dubstep didn't exist yet, this combination of sluggish hip-hop beats, smokey dub melodies and darkish samples were the bassiest thing you could find, and it really feels good to dive again into this genre with these two musicians. A welcome album which, while not opening new ways, rediscover older, much appreciated ones.
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C'est génial le GoPro, on viens de le mettre dans les toilettes en tirant la chasse pour voir ce que ça faisait, c'est très bizarre y'a des bulles partout.