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Liar's Rosebush - Circle The Squares - CD
Liar's Rosebush - Circle The Squares
Liar's Rosebush


Hive Records HIV.25
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industrial / breakcore / electronica / IDM.

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Finally a first CD for Liar's Rosebush, a much talked about Canadian act known for having released rather intricate but hard and pounding tracks on various CDR and having shared the bill on the 2005 "Collect Erase" CD with Scrap.edx. For his first "real" album, Matt Rosen shows how much more mature and intricate his sound has become. There are but traces of his original rhythmic noise here, the beat construction leaning a lot more towards breakcore. Melodies and soundscapes are also put on the forefront, ending in an album which should appeal a lot to people who used to enjoy rhythmic noise, but now need something more subtle and varied. Recommended.
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I'm 24-year-old musician and spiritual healer from Finland