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Lights Off - Only You Can See - digital
Lights Off - Only You Can See
Lights Off

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Hidden Tracks HIDTR003
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drum'n'bass & jungle / electronica / dubstep & grime.

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After Therion's Martina Astner pairing up with Dean Rodell, Balkansky and Current Value in Underhill, The Gathering's Anneke Van Giersbergen is another important figure of 90's female-fronted metal who pairs up with a renowned producer (and quite a known around here) on a new project. Much closer to DJ Hidden's atmospheric dwelling as Semiomime than to his usual output (and even more so to The Outside Agency's), Lights Off's debut present a slightly glitchy, highly melodic and very soothing original track, which then gets the remix treatment by Machine Code, Balkansky, Tapage and DJ Hidden himself (both under this moniker and as Semimomime). Hopefully only an appetizer, here comes a surprising, very well executed (unsurprisingly) and welcome branching out.
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