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Lights Out Asia - Hy-Brasil - CD
Lights Out Asia - Hy-Brasil
Lights Out Asia


n5md CATMD200
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electronica / (post) rock.

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Lights Out Asia's fifth album appears as a much more accessible and and less introvert work than its "In The Days Of Jupiter" predecessor. As one would expect on N5md, this act walks a fine line between shoegaze atmospheres, electronica instrumentation and somewhat of a post-rock construction. The synthetic part form an important backbone to this album, and often takes over the strings, which gives to "Hy-Brasil" a poppier, more uplifting feeling to this album. The sound is lush and quite big, the tracks instrumental, and while this might not be the deeply melancholic work that Lights Out Asia were used to, here comes an album which, by its accessibility, might open some doors to this band.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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