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Loop Stepwalker & Erre - Release Your Rage / David Likes Chopped VIP - digital
Loop Stepwalker & Erre - Release Your Rage / David Likes Chopped VIP
Loop Stepwalker / Erre

digital (digital download)

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dubstep & grime / hardcore.

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It's an intense and strange beast that our boy Loop Stepwalker gave birth to with this collaboration with his Erre compatriot for Prspct. The first tune is a gritty, drumstep-ish tune with relentless vocal samples and quite a strong headbanging effect. It's total-party, everything-in-the-red on the B side though, with a straight hardcore beat and the expected chopped and loop vocal snippet. This is quite far from Loop Stepwalker's past work with Balkansky, and shows a much faster, straighter side of his talent.
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