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Loops Haunt - Zenith - 12"
Loops Haunt - Zenith
Loops Haunt

12" (vinyl)

Black Acre (Special Branch) ACRE038
File under
downtempo / experimental / IDM.

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More or less a year after "Ark", the always too rare and constantly surprising Loops Haunt comes back with another splendid record, this time featuring not two, but five (albeit rather short) new tunes. The sound is a lot more accoustic-based this time around, even featuring drumming by Wormskull / Merzbow / Venetian Snares's Balazs Pandi, and "Zenith" is quite a laid back, semi-jazzy affair, even though its subtlety and intelligence is what impresses here. Loops Haunt really doesn't let himself be categorized easily, but I can't but strongly recommend this record, again.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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