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Lorn - Weigh Me Down - 12"
Lorn - Weigh Me Down

12" (vinyl)

Ninja Tune ZEN12331
File under
hip-hop / IDM.

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Nice little companion to Lorn's impressive and remarked 2012 album "Ask The Dust", this 6-track record features this track in its original version, as well as remixed by Illum Sphere (who people reading these lines should know), Mike Slott, and somebody called Mono/Poly about whom I do not know anything. Closing the EP are slower, bassier remixes of "Diamond" and "Ghosts" by Dolor and the always welcome Shed. While I wouldn't necessarily have picked "Weigh Me Down" as a single from the album, and the remixes are arguably not as fresh-sounding as the long player, Lorn's material at the moment is good enough not pass on anything.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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