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Lucidstatic - Symbiont Underground - digital
Lucidstatic - Symbiont Underground

digital (digital download)

Tympanik Audio TA042
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industrial / electronica / rhythmic noise.

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Third album on Tympanik Audio for the prolific Lucidstatic, who seems to have become one of the core artist on this label's roster. A 23 track double CD, "Symbiont Underground" is not really a remix album, but more a collection of tracks either written with somebody else (from Manfucatura to ESA) or remixed by a third party (I can't but mention Mothboy here). All in all this is a very old-school "dark" industrial affair, full of sweaty beats, distorted voices and distorted melodies, but there are a few tracks breaking the flow here and there (which is quite appreciated). A good (and long) album for fans of the genre.
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