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Lustmord - The Word As Power - CD
Lustmord - The Word As Power

CD (CD) (also available on 2x12")

Blackest Ever Black BLACKESTCD004
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ambient / dark.

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First comes the shock, as the opening track to Lustmord's new album starts dangerously close to Dead Can Dance. It is however not the first concept album for Lustmord, and once you accept that everything here is vocal-based, you paradoxically dig back Lustmord's ample and deep spacial drones from behind the voices and dive again into this musician's encompassing atmospheres. Behind the mics are more than competent singers, such as Jarboe, Tool's Maynard James Keenan and a few others. All in all, "The Word as Power" is probably the "lightest" sounding Lustmord album so far, but while it might not be as heavy or claustrophobic as its predecessor, it is not less mesmerizing and impressive.
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