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Maarten van der Vleuten - Internaut EP - 12"
Maarten van der Vleuten - Internaut EP
Maarten van der Vleuten

12" (vinyl)

Shipwrec SHIP019
File under
electro / IDM.

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Second 12" for the constantly prolific Maarten van der Vleuten on Shipwrec. No Joy Division cover this time, but rather two long, catchy and quite driven piece of melodic upbeat electro infused with a touch of break beats. Van Der Vleuten is by far not a newcomer, his production is top notch, his ideas are extremely well accomplished and he has no problem in coming up with a record which fits perfectly well the whole Dutch electro sound (spearheaded for a while by Legowelt) while integrating his sense of IDM-ish trickery to his tracks. A very strong record for people looking for accessible but very DJ-friendly electro.

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