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Machine Code - Fuzzy Logic - digital
Machine Code - Fuzzy Logic

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Aggravated Music AGRO01
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drum'n'bass & jungle.

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I am not familar at all with Aggravated Music, and sadly overlooked this release when it came out at the end of 2012. Dean Rodell and Current Value were having a good day, it seems, when they wrote this "Fuzzy Logic", a long and rather epic piece of very detailled drum'n'bass which speeds things up considerably, compared with their more massive (but equally sci-fi-sounding) debut album. The Sect is behind the remixing desk for the digital B side, with a track that cuts a bit through the intro and outro, and focus on the rapid-fire beat and dancefloor efficiency. Its not a secret that I think very highly of Machine Code, who still have to disappoint. Recommended.
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