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Machinecode - Velocity - digital
Machinecode - Velocity

digital (digital download) (also available on CD)
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drum'n'bass & jungle.

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We haven't been shy with our praises about Machinecode's first two albums, and things are not going to change with this "Velocity". "Under The Sun" was already a tour de force for this common project of Dean Rodell and Current Value, and "Velocity" might be the one album that not only confirms their talent but sits them firmly on one of the highest steps of the drum'n'bass pantheon. Not only are these two more or less single-handedly creating and sustatining a whole genre ("neuroid" is the word you are looking for), but they are delivering tracks which are: a) very original for this genre, both in their tempo and construction, b) perfectly sounding and monstrous in their basses, and c) very efficient on the dancefloor. Closing the albums are remixes by The Sect and Mindscape, which round up an album that all d'n'b-heads should seriously take notice of.
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I have written many beautiful songs that i want the world to be able to hear.