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Mad EP & Area Filthy One - Brimstone Bangerz - digital
Mad EP & Area Filthy One - Brimstone Bangerz
Mad EP / Area Filthy One

digital (digital download)

Spectraliquid SLQ009
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hip-hop / electronica.

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Finally there, after much delay. Mad EP's first release for Athen's Spectraliquid sees this producer comes back to vinyl and present four tracks (or, better said, three new tracks and a remix by Black Acre's Akira Kiteshi) of his strongest and more "frontal" hip hop material. He's pairing in this with Area Filthy One, the nom de plume of several MC's which had already appeared on the "Bass.hed" album. Infectious, original, as usual with Mad EP, perfectly produced and, in other words, unmissable.
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