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Martyn & Marcus Intalex - After Seven - 12"
Martyn & Marcus Intalex - After Seven
Martyn / Marcus Intalex

12" (vinyl)

Revolve:r revolver012
File under
downtempo / dubstep & grime / techno.

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Quite the unexpected and original record that this new one on Revolve:r. With one side co-written by Martyn and Marcus Intalex (the label's founder) and one side by Martyn alone, we get here a really weird but somewhat coherent mixture of dubstep rhythms, loungy strings, ethno-percussions and slight guitars. It's all almost trip-hoppy in the end, and would remind of a less gritty and more Detroit Burial (without the voices). Definitely not your average dubstep record.
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Hello,is it test pressig, im interest