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Mary-Anne Hobbs - Wild Angels - CD
Mary-Anne Hobbs - Wild Angels
Various artists (compilations) / Mary-Anne Hobbs


Planet Mu ZIQ239CD
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electronica / electro / dubstep & grime / techno.

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Third compilation for the BBC's Mary-Anne Hobbs, basically following the same recipe as the previous one. This radio host here presents a selection of new electronic acts, about half of which are coming from Planet Mu, and pretty much all of them from the UK or the US. And as with the previous two volumes, the emphasis is on current-day UK dancefloor trends (wonky beat's the savor of the day), with some more adventurous tracks going towards more home-listening material (such as a very surprising track by Harmonic313's Mark Pirtchard). And as last time, the cover is downright hideous. All in all, a good selection, even though I could use a bit edgier material. Good taste, but if this is shows current tastes in the UK, it's time for beats there to gain some weight.
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