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Mash Up Soundsystem - A Great Escape From Lunacy - CD
Mash Up Soundsystem - A Great Escape From Lunacy
Mash Up Soundsystem


Hive Records HIV18
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breakcore / mash-up / rhythmic noise.

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Interesting full length CD by the Los Angeles-based Mash Up Soundsystem, one of the two local collective organising breakcore, noise and rhythmic noise parties. Composed by several artists related to this group (from locals to Brazil's Retrigger), this collection of tracks is quite a roller-coaster ride, ranging from very hard breaks to noise snippets, from hardcore beats on top of hip hop samples to mash up delerium. Very energetic and varied, this is a good testimoney of what the Mash Up Soundsystem has been up throughout the years.
mp3 excerpts:

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Se toucher la nouille sur du death metal, y'a rien de plus épanouissant.