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Matta - Prototype - CD
Matta - Prototype

CD (CD) (also available on digital)

Ad Noiseam adn138
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dubstep & grime.

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Compiling the tracks from both of Matta's vinyl records for Ad Noiseam, their appraised remix for Hecq, two older tunes and a brand new one, “Prototype” is a way to look at the short but already very rich past of this British duo. The ten tracks of this CD confirm not only the sheer efficiency of Matta's material, but also its very detailed, deep and sharp nature. A colossal, multifaceted and remarkable first full-length snapshot for this rising act. It might be only a prototype, but it's already quite a remarkable, test-driven one. Let's release this to manufacture.
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"Prototype" contains all the tracks from "The Lost" (adn126), "Release The Freq" (adn138), the Matta remix for Hecq's "Sura" (adn128), two tracks from their "Vice" digital debut and one unreleased tune.
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