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Maxmillion Dunbar - Cool Water - CD
Maxmillion Dunbar - Cool Water
Maxmillion Dunbar


Ramp Recordings RAMP038CD
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electronica / downtempo / electro.

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Interesting first album from the US-based Maxmillion Dunbar (a member of the much noisier and hip hop based Food For Animals), following a few 12" on Ramp. Somewhat electronica, but very psychedelic at times and quite funky at others, "Cool Water" is a very multi layered experiment which mixes a particularely clear sounding electronic instrumentation with a keen sense for melodic, groovy sounds. While the album stays an overall calm and "cool" affair all throughout, it's very varied, quite avant-garde without becoming too abstract or academic, and one of the strongest Ramp releases of the recent past.
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and previously have some releases in genre of drum'n'bass on different labels (last thing that I make)