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Meander - Dreaming In Reverse - 12"
Meander - Dreaming In Reverse

12" (vinyl)

Low Res LOW 021
File under
breakcore / IDM.

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Excellent first full-on release for Meander, the "IDM-ish" project of the dutch producer better known for his hardcore ouput as Ophidian. Very broken, full of drum'n'bass sweeping basses but at the same time very clear and contained, here comes a 12" which is both very driven and intelligently produced. Meander / Ophidian's experience is obvious here, this is definitely not the production of a newcomer. Reminding a bit of Tarmvred or some DJ Hidden's structures, "Dreaming In Reverse" is a hell of a great record.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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