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Meander - Gazing Long Into The Abyss - digital
Meander - Gazing Long Into The Abyss

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Tainted Audio TNT010
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drum'n'bass & jungle / hardcore.

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The third album by Meander is a very interesting one to discuss, as this new effort by Conrad Hoyer outside of his better known Opphidian project contrasts strongly with both the much more experimental collaborative ones he had co-signed with Tapage and the hard, broken EP he had released on Low Res. With its focus on the dancefloor and the frequent inclusion of both hardcore kicks and cinematic melodies, "Gazing Long Into The Abyss" reminds first and foremost of DJ Hidden's ("The Words Below"-era), and does so with a production which does indeed give more than a passing nod to Hidden and the cream of the Dutch hardcore scene. A strong, percussive album, this "Abyss" is something which might act as a surprise for Opphidian fans (and to an extent to Tainted Audio followers), and which should satisfy (though in a less ear-opening manner) fans of the kind of dark and broken d'n'b you can find around here.
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