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Mechanical Pressure - Tenderness / Kamigata - digital
Mechanical Pressure - Tenderness / Kamigata
Mechanical Pressure

digital (digital download)

Plush Recordings (Section 8 Records) plush056d
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electronica / downtempo.

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Mechanical Pressure wins the 2013 award for worse fitting name, as nothing on here sounds either mechanical nor pressurized. I am actually as puzzled by how one can come with this kind of preset-heavy, advertisment-sounding music as how one can associate it with this name. Anyhow, the first tune reminds me of presets from these old Roland keyboards used in 80's new wave, while the second brings pictures of commercials trying to sell me watered down coconut cocktails, with a little plastic umbrella on the top. Yes, there's some Youtube-tutorial sounding dubstep wobble on top of it all, but no, it just doesn't work.
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