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Merzbow + Balazs Pandi - Ducks: Live In NYC - CD
Merzbow + Balazs Pandi - Ducks: Live In NYC
Merzbow / Balazs Pandi


Ohm Resistance 23M OHM
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noise / avant garde.

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The collaboration between Merzbow and the Hungarian wonder drummer Balazs Pandi (who happens to also be a member of Wormskull and Blood Of Heroes) was much talked about last year (and still is) in the wake of a series of very well received concerts. "Ducks" is the recording of one of them, played in New York. I've seen this show a couple of times, and while it always seemed improvised (meaning that what you'll hear here is not necessarily what was played somewhere else), this recording i an accurate testimony of the fury and cleverness of the encounter between Merzbow's ultra scraping noise and Pandi's insane drumming (between metal, jazz and whatever else you can think of). A strong snapshop of these two musician's collaboration, both interesting and sonically punishing.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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