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Merzbow & Oren Ambarchi - Cat's Squirrel - 12"
Merzbow & Oren Ambarchi - Cat's Squirrel
Merzbow / Oren Ambarchi

12" (vinyl)
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Black Truffle BT08
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Merzbow's touch took prominence (probably unsurprisingly) on Oren Ambarchi's new volume in his seemingly endless collaboration with noise artist on these two long tracks release on Ambarchi's own Black Truffle (and I believe recorded live). Ear piercing, relatively straightforward and showcasing well the kind of noise that Merzbow has been playing live recently, with what I believe are some added basses and bleeps by Oren Ambarchi. As usual: this is all very hard, loud and dynamic, and while it might not be the best piece of noise music ever written, it's a solid contribution to both's artists relentlessly growing discograhies.
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