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Millimetric - Reconfiguration - CD
Millimetric  - Reconfiguration


M-Tronic Br35
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electronica / electro.

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Two years after his "Expériences Modernes" album, already on M-Tronic, France's Millimetric treats himself to a remix CD, on which he gathered the cream of his country's post-EBM / dark wave scene and a few outsiders. On the menu are remixes by The Hacker, David Carretta and The Horrorist, to name the best known, several smaller names, and three old solo tracks. The original album was already to EBM for me, and things don't really get better on "Reconfiguration", as far as I am concerned. But for people who want some upgraded cold electroclash or EBM beats, this should do the trick.
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And I was also able to rip the songs into my iTunes.