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Millipede - Powerless - CD
Millipede - Powerless


Hymen (Ant Zen) Y789
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industrial / electronica / downtempo.

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Millipede's second album for Hymen, in which this American producer pairs up with a friend for each track, is a lot more varied than his "All My Best Intentions" predecessor. The guest musicians add a lot of their personalities and sound to the material presented here, and while the tracks co-written by Veil Of Secrecy or Caul might still be on the ambient side of things, the ones with Parca Pace (a.k.a. Mago) or Access to Arasaka and Candle Nine have a much more pronounced glitchy and electronica side. The whole thing still sounds somber, and feels very much at home among the dark industrial sound of Hymen, meaning that fans of the label shouldn't have any difficulty enjoying this album.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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