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Mistress Bomb H - 9 Pictures - 12"
Mistress Bomb H - 9 Pictures
Mistress Bomb H

12" (vinyl)

Bruits De Fond (Résistance Des Matériaux) / L'Autre Idée BdF 19
File under
industrial / noise / experimental / pop.

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A rather weird (at first) but well working combination that that we get in this first long-player by Mistress Bomb H. Above a beat-driven, noisy distorted bu8t downtempo-ish background, this musician lays a rather clear, seductive and unaltered voice for a result which sounds a lot less aggressive that what one could think at first. It's quite dark, quite gritty, but has a slight electro feel which makes it go down a lot faster. Nice and uncommon.
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