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Mobthrow - Unfolded - digital
Mobthrow - Unfolded

digital (digital download) (also available on poster + download, CD)
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electronica / downtempo / electro.

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Maturity and depth: with his second album, Mobthrow refines his very original mixture of beat-driven breaks and highly evocative atmospheres, enriching them with a subtle newfound palette. A very original work at the meeting point of the club and the sonic daydream, "Unfolded" sharpens Mobthrow's vision and brings a modern twist on his impressive sound-design. This seductive and personal album is not only the confirmation that Mobthrow is a talented musician to be reckoned with, but also an author whose albums carry their own strong narrative. There are many side to "Unfolded", and they all fit firmly and harmoniously together.
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