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Monolith - Crashed - CD
Monolith - Crashed

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Hands D205
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industrial / rhythmic noise / techno.

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Monolith's first album for Hands (and his first in a few years) is a new example of the artistic collision currently taking place between the industrial rhythmic noise scene and the techno one. Musicians active in the first, such as Monolith, are straightening their beats and lowering the distortion level, while artists of the second keep on adding darker and dirtier elements to their material. In a move which strongly reminds of Orphx's recent evolution, Monolith delivers here something which is undoubtedly softer and spacier than his noisier past and which has lead him, in a rather natural way, to share the stage with the likes of Ancient Methods. An interesting and telling move, resulting in a pretty solid album.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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