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Monolog - Aerodymanic - 12"
Monolog - Aerodymanic

12" (vinyl)

Uhrlaut UR004LP
File under
electronica / dubstep & grime.

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Remarkable debut LP by this Danish-born, Berlin-based musician. Drawing inspiration from hard edged drum'n'bass, intricate IDM and bassy dubstep, Monolog comes up with something which, if we were to compare it to other acts, would be somewhere between Autechre's rugged sounds and Hecq's sense of dynamics, the whole thing with a relentess and more pronounced sense of constant audio trickery. And still, "Aerodynamics" is not a sterile album, featuring very nice emotional but very subtle background melodies. Recommended.
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You can pre-listen to all the tracks of this album on Monolog's Soundcloud account here.

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