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Mothboy - Yield - digital
Mothboy - Yield

digital (digital download)

Drawn Recordings drawn001
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downtempo / dubstep & grime / techno.

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Maybe the bunny was wrong, and Mothboy isn't so dead after all. It's at least what one could understand from this three track digital EP which kickstarts Drawn Recordings and sees Simon Smerdon comes back to his fan's stereos. Sound-wise, both the first and third track are lush and warm techno piece, somewhat Detroit-ish and quite influenced by the current trends coming out of Bristol, in a heavier, more humane manner. Sandwiched between these two tunes is a poppier, downtempo one based on vocals by Sezrah Sylvan (who already appeared on "Bunny"). All in all a delightful teaser from Mothboy, whose coming back to life is very welcome.
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