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Niveau Zero - Rotor / Cause Of Death - 10"
Niveau Zero - Rotor / Cause Of Death
Niveau Zero

10" (vinyl)

Destpub PUB#5
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dubstep & grime.

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Another excellent two tracker 10" by Paris's Niveau Zero, who has quickly become quite a favorite over here at Ad Noiseam. His tracks combine very catchy and efficient dubstep with driving fast-paced drums, an acute sense for melodies and well found samples. Quite original and a lot less dub than most UK dubstep, this guy's material is dark, club-friendly but still detailled and varied. To sum up: very recommended.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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All of my music is currently being written by my father who expresses his talents in songs that he writes from the heart.