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v/a - Ad Noiseam 2001-2006 - digital
v/a - Ad Noiseam 2001-2006
Various artists (compilations)

digital (digital download)

Ad Noiseam adn60d
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breakcore / hip-hop / drum'n'bass & jungle / noise / ambient / electronica / downtempo / IDM / (post) rock.

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Ad Noiseam turns 5 year old, and celebrates by presenting a triple pack compilation, with one new new track by past, present and future Ad Noiseam artists, as well as videos by almost half of them. More than a collection of various material thrown together, “Ad Noiseam 2001-2006” is a testimony of what Ad Noiseam is about, and how the label has grown into a melting pot of sounds, genres and feelings, focusing on music quality without ever embracing fashions and scenes.
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Attention, the digital version of this compilation doesn't feature the video included on the box's DVD, but only the 30 audio tracks.
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