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Noisia / Hardknox - Gutterpump / Fire Like Dis Remixes - 12"
Noisia / Hardknox - Gutterpump / Fire Like Dis Remixes
Matta / Noisia / Hardknox / Kinzy

12" (vinyl)

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drum'n'bass & jungle / dubstep & grime.

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Finally in stock, the under-the-radar but very much needed on wax Matta remix of Noisia's old hit "Gutterpump". This track had already got quite a lot of plays over here before its release, and I'm really happy to see it pressed on wax, as it's a great example of Matta's remixing skills applied to a d'n'b tune. On the flip, Kinzy (who I don't know anything about) also give a gritty dubstep-ish treatment to Hardknox's late 90's breakbeat "Fire Like Dis" tune, and while my preferrence obviously go to Matta and Noisia's side, that's a pretty nice tune as well. Recommended.
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